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Austin Materials Exchange

Brokering Material Connections,

Growing the Exchange Ecosystem,

Building a More Sustainable Austin

Does your business routinely throw away materials that have value for another enterprise?

Does your business consume materials that you know another business routinely throws away?

Are you a creative person who looks at objects and sees only the potential for reuse and a new life?

If so, we’d love to hear from you! ATXMX connects local business and community creatives with supplier waste streams. Our mission is to grow symbiotic material flows that divert materials from landfill while revitalizing their economic value and growing Austin’s circular economy.

Less than 50% of scrap metal ends up recycled and a negligible amount of scrap metal is reused.

This beautiful gate was made by Ray Hammar who specializes in transforming scrap metal into functional, architectural pieces.

There is a desperate need for innovative brokering to unlock the vast potential of materials now considered waste.

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