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Neighborhood Reuse Center

woman and child smiling holding a box of items from Use2

Amy and Coreena are regulars at the Neighborhood Reuse Center.  Amy usually shops for preschool activities to prepare Coreena for kindergarten and art supplies for her older daughter who loves to paint.  Most recently, Amy bought materials to create a Mario Brothers themed birthday party for Coreena.  For a fraction of retail, Amy found plates, balloons, napkins, party games and resources for custom Mario decorations.  The spirit of creativity and caring that customers like Amy and Coreena bring is what makes reuse special.  Thanks for shopping with USE2!

child sitting at a table doing crafts
wide shot of the shop, Use2 showing things organized in bins, stacks of puzzles, toys

USE2’s Neighborhood Reuse Center provides low cost, quality materials for families, teachers and schools.  We source our inventory primarily from surplus donations to area thrift stores and specialize in all things educational, creatively reusable or just plain interesting and fun.  Think paper of all kinds, hole punches, games, binders, pencils, scissors, beads, fabric, paint, calculators, flash cards, ribbon, containers, blocks, Legos, toys, craft kits and all kinds of small vintage, silly or oddball items.  We currently stock over 400 categories of materials.  

The Neighborhood Reuse Center is also the hub for our board game refurbishment project and our Puzzle Rental service.  We stock thousands of games and ranging from classics such as Clue, Monopoly, Life and Sorry to educational options that support math and language development to vintage games and a limited number of specialty, higher end games.  

The Neighborhood Center sells kids puzzles ranging from wood board puzzles for toddlers up 300 pieces jigsaw puzzles.  For adult puzzles over 300 pieces, the Reuse Center is a drop off/pick up site for our puzzle rental service.   Check us out at

USE2 Austin is a grassroots incubator piloting and supporting innovative resale business models.  If you are looking for an opportunity to give your time and talents, we’d love your help.  You can read about opportunities on our volunteer page.